Kayak Rentals

To make life simple for you, we have hand picked the best options for you to choose from. If these do not suit then simply email us or give us a call and we can make it perfect just for you!

Your destination is up to you – you choose your adventure


Renting a kayak gives you the flexibility to discover the treasures of the Abel Tasman at your pace. Begin your journey at Marahau with a comprehensive safety briefing covering all aspects from paddling techniques, trip routes and emergency situations to ensure your rental is as safe and enjoyable as possible.

Rental briefings are at 8.30am (or 10.30am & 12noon subject to availability).

Important information:

Age Limit: 14 years +

Safety Briefings: 1 hr - 2hrs

Group Size: Minimum of 2 people

Prior Experience: Highly recommended

Accommodation: Camp or hut passes must be pre-booked

Northern limit: Shag Harbour is the furthest north a kayak rental is allowed

1 Day Rental: $75 per person

2 Day Rental: $115 per person

3 Day Rental: $150 per person


Kayak Retrieval: $40 per double kayak

                            $35 per single kayak

Water Taxi Fares: From $34 per person

Camp / Hut Fees: $30 / $75 per person

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1 day

1 Day Kayak $75.00 pp

Kayak from Marahau and enjoy the many beaches along the Astrolabe Roadstead. Visit the islands, watch the seals, listen to the birdsong and kayak back to finish in Marahau
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1 day

1 Day Kayak & Walk $95.00 pp

From Marahau, kayak to Anchorage through the Astrolabe Roadstead and the Mad Mile. Leave your kayak at Anchorage for a water taxi pick up and then walk south to Marahau and enjoy the scenery that the coastal track has to offer
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2 days

2 Day Kayak $115.00 pp

Kayak north from Marahau and choose your route as you make your way to Bark Bay. Spend the night camping or in the hut at Bark Bay and wake up revived and ready for another magical day on the water, as you paddle your way back to Marahau
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2 days

2 Day Kayak & Water Taxi $179.00 pp

Enjoy the many golden sand beaches along the coastline as you kayak north to Anchorage. Spend the night camping, stay in the hut or on the floating backpackers. Your second day commences from Anchorage where you will kayak further north to Tonga Island
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3 days

3 Day Kayak $150.00 pp

Kayak north from Marahau choosing your own route as far north as Shag Harbour. Stay at two different campsites or make life simple and stay at the same campsite/hut for the two nights. Return to Marahau on your third day.
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3 days

3 Day Kayak & Walk $184.00 pp

Start your 2 days of kayaking in Marahau. Choose your route north as far as Onetahuti over 2 days. At Onetahuti (end of day 2) your kayak will be picked up by water taxi. Day 3 walk further north as far as Totaranaui. Return by water taxi to Marahau.
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