Sea Kayak Abel Tasman National Park

Nau mai, Haere mai

Welcome to R&R Kayaks

Rets and Ro welcome you to the breath taking Abel Tasman National Park – the place we call home.  We are a small family owned sea kayak company with many years of industry experience in kayak tours and rentals, and extensive local knowledge (we are born and bred locals).

The Abel Tasman National Park is a very special place to our family (whānau) and we are excited to share its history, stories and natural beauty with you. 


We are a small company with a big heart.


Southern Exposure

Half Day

Southern Exposure $135.00 pp

Highlights: Golden Sand Beaches, Seals and Adele Island Bird Sanctuary.

Magic in the Middle

Half Day

Magic in the Middle $180.00 pp

Highlights: Tidal Lagoons, Falls River Swing Bridge and Pinnacle Island Seal Colony.

Tonga Seal Haven

Half Day

Tonga Seal Haven $200.00 pp

Highlights: Tonga Island Seal Colony, Marine Reserve, Lagoons and Beaches!

Southern Duo

Full Day

Southern Duo $110.00 pp

Highlights: Adele Island Bird Sanctuary, Seals, Look Out Points and Golden Sand Beaches.

Crème de la Crème

Full Day

Crème de la Crème $200.00 pp

Highlights: Tonga Island Marine Reserve, Seal Colony, Swing Bridge, Native Bush

Earth, Sea, Sail

Full Day

Earth, Sea, Sail $180.00 pp

Highlights: Golden Sand Beaches, Picture Perfect Scenery, Seals, Tidal Lagoons.

Paradise Islands

Full Day

Paradise Islands $140.00 pp

Highlights: Adele Island Bird Sanctuary, Seals, Golden Sand Beaches and Stunning Scenery.

Oar-some Marine Reserve

Full Day

Oar-some Marine Reserve $220.00 pp

Highlights: Tonga Island Marine Reserve, Seal Colonies, Tidal Lagoons

Split Apple Twilight


Split Apple Twilight $99.00 pp

Highlights: Split Apple Rock, Bird Colonies, Golden Beaches and Rock Caves

Oar-some Kayak and Walk

Multi Day

Oar-some Kayak and Walk $305.00 pp

Highlights: Tonga Island Marine Reserve, Seals, Native Bush Walk and Catered Accommodation.

Two Day Kiwi Escape

Multi Day

Two Day Kiwi Escape $495.00 pp

Highlights: Multiple Seal Colonies, Tonga Island Marine Reserve, Tidal Lagoons, Islands, Shag Harbour, Granite Coastline & Camping.

R&R Indulgence

Multi Day

R&R Indulgence

Highlights: Freedom, Flexibility, Sailing, Kayaking, Walking, Private, Rest and Relaxation

1 Day Kayak

1 day

1 Day Kayak $75.00 pp

Kayak from Marahau and enjoy the many beaches along the Astrolabe Roadstead. Visit the islands, watch the seals, listen to the birdsong and kayak back to finish in Marahau

1 Day Kayak & Walk

1 day

1 Day Kayak & Walk $95.00 pp

From Marahau, kayak to Anchorage through the Astrolabe Roadstead and the Mad Mile. Leave your kayak at Anchorage for a water taxi pick up and then walk south to Marahau and enjoy the scenery that the coastal track has to offer

2 Day Kayak

2 days

2 Day Kayak $115.00 pp

Kayak north from Marahau and choose your route as you make your way to Bark Bay. Spend the night camping or in the hut at Bark Bay and wake up revived and ready for another magical day on the water, as you paddle your way back to Marahau

2 Day Kayak & Water Taxi

2 days

2 Day Kayak & Water Taxi $179.00 pp

Enjoy the many golden sand beaches along the coastline as you kayak north to Anchorage. Spend the night camping, stay in the hut or on the floating backpackers. Your second day commences from Anchorage where you will kayak further north to Tonga Island

3 Day Kayak

3 days

3 Day Kayak $150.00 pp

Kayak north from Marahau choosing your own route as far north as Shag Harbour. Stay at two different campsites or make life simple and stay at the same campsite/hut for the two nights. Return to Marahau on your third day.

3 Day Kayak & Walk

3 days

3 Day Kayak & Walk $184.00 pp

Start your 2 days of kayaking in Marahau. Choose your route north as far as Onetahuti over 2 days. At Onetahuti (end of day 2) your kayak will be picked up by water taxi. Day 3 walk further north as far as Totaranaui. Return by water taxi to Marahau.